A Brand-New Day

(From Emotional Mastery)

By Gedale Fenster

Having Emunah means maintaining the belief that each day is an entirely new creation. Regardless of what happened yesterday, today you were created anew. Every day presents us with a new constellation in the sky, which clearly demonstrates this concept of constant renewal. Each moment in time has its’ own potential, and it is up to us to make the most of these incredible opportunities. With this mindset, anything is possible! We become open to the possibility that we can change, that our business can improve, and renewal becomes a core component in our lives.

So many people buy a new treadmill in the hopes that they will finally reach their fitness goals; yet after just a few weeks, the treadmill becomes the dumping ground for all the other forgotten items that are never used. When we reprogram our subconscious to believe in ourselves, to believe in renewal, then we won’t be discouraged by past failures. Today can be the day that presents a great new opportunity, yet if we are stuck on the events of the past, we won’t be able to optimize the creation and possibilities of today.

Through the practice of hisbodedut, we can actualize this aspect of rejuvenation by working on our self-awareness and digging deep to contemplate our state of mind. By becoming aware of what we are thinking about, and breaking these patterns of negative self-talk, we will be free to believe in our own renewal and convey this continuous energy into our reality. Through discipline, strong habits, and commitment to utilizing every moment, we can hit our goals and maximize our potential.

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