Conquering Goals

By Gedale Fenster

(From Let the rest of your life be the best of your life)

Whether it’s going to the gym, making time for Hisbodedut, or going to work, we’ve all experienced days when we just ‘don’t feel like it’. Even if a task would ultimately benefit us, we often let the way we feel in the moment dictate our potential. It’s important to remember that the choices that we make will directly impact the quality of our lives, and the way we define success will determine whether or not we will attain it.

If we reframe success by tracking the momentum created with each task, we will be able to take a step back and celebrate small victories as they come. Each step that one takes in pursuit of an objective should be celebrated, thus creating more momentum and energy for future goals. If we only focus on the finish line, we may get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ahead and quit after a few unsuccessful attempts.

When approaching any sort of change or struggle, it’s important to be humble and ask for help.

By simply quitting and giving up, we are showing that we don’t value ourselves enough to put in the necessary effort to overcome.

When a person verbalizes his struggle in prayer, he invites abundant blessing into his life, because he is humbling himself with the realization that a person’s success is determined solely by God.

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