Darkness before Light

By Gedale Fenster

(From ‘Let the rest of your life be the best of your life’)

Before light was created in the world, the universe was in a state of complete chaos and darkness. This pattern of darkness before light often occurs within each of our personal realities. People may wonder, “why can’t we simply have light all of the time? Why is the darkness necessary?”. The answer to these questions is that it is only when we experience chaos, that we can truly appreciate serenity. When we have Emunah through the difficult times, and we become comfortable in the darkness, those experiences will become receptacles for blessing.

Imagine a man who has been buying his wife roses every day since they married. If he would come home one day without roses, his wife would likely become upset and question his devotion to her. She probably wouldn’t recall the countless times that he did come home with roses, instead focusing on the one instance that he let her down. If we would obtain light without any darkness, we would feel entitled and take it for granted.

We each have the opportunity to create vessels for blessing through prayer. We can use the power of our speech to ask for help and guidance through the darkness, instead of complaining or speaking words of defeat. When we complain, we are communicating that what we have is not enough, and this ingratitude ultimately diminishes the light in our vessels. Through prayer, we can activate the attribute of mercy to receive the answers that we need to have clarity within the chaos.

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