Fighting Fear

Fear is taking up far too much space in the minds of those in today’s society. Twenty-four hour news networks manipulate data to encourage fear to take root in us, for fear is a means of control. If we are casual about our spirituality we will become a casualty of fear, as the opposite of fear is trust in Hashem. Our creator places us into situations which test our trust, so if we have been casual about maintaining our trust and connection to our creator we are vulnerable to fear and failure. How can we fight these fears and maintain our trust and spiritual fitness?

Everyone encounters fear in their lives, whether it be a generalized fear about what will happen to your life in the future or a specific fear such as a fear of contracting the coronavirus. When we allow these fears to hit another level, they become paranoia and we are then paralyzed, incapable of making any decisions. The more we fear the more paralyzed we are, and if we allow others to put fear in us we have given them control over our thoughts and actions. The only thing you should fear is Hashem, for anything you fear other than Hashem cuts you off from your connection to your creator.

Fear affects us physically as well as psychologically. The kidneys are the organs of fear - when you have fear, your kidneys will experience imbalance which results in a lack of energy, loss of appetite, hair loss, and weakened immune system. Fear is also connected to cortisol levels in our system. When our bodies experience an increase in cortisol levels, adrenaline is pumped into our bloodstream and our system reacts as though it is in the midst of a sugar rush. The body’s response is to increase its fat storage, which is why excess cortisol leads to weight gain and other health issues. Clearly fear is damaging to our bodies as well as our minds and needs to be avoided!

There is a clear connection between worry and a person’s livelihood as well. When we worry we lose trust in our creator, and as a result we are disconnected from the pipeline running from heaven to your life. When you worry, you grow angry at your inability to exercise control over things in your life, and suddenly your financial success evaporates! We are surrounded by negativity in today’s world which encourages us to worry, but when we worry we put limits on our creator and sabotage our success. It is important to realize that worry is a habitual behavior, and just as we formed a habit of worrying we need to form a habit of meditation and trust in Hashem to counter it.

Your creator wants you to rise above all the negativity you encounter in this world! When you trust and believe in Hashem blessings will come into your life, but when you fall down a level in spirituality you are burdening your creator as he must reconnect the pipeline between you and heaven. Every time there is a worry in your mind you are sending a signal to the Heavens that things are not good, and there is a reaction to this negativity which blocks the blessings from flowing to your life. Ask your creator for help in trusting him and avoiding worries, as well as good questions like “What can I do better?” rather than “What is going to happen tomorrow?”

While fear prevents decision making, trust enables it. Action is the difference between faith and trust - we can have faith in Hashem, but if we do not act we are not trusting. It is the action that demonstrates our trust in our creator. When it comes to making decisions and taking action, people today are in a constant state of decision fatigue. They agonize over decisions they’ve made in their past and worry about the decisions they will need to make in the future. All this worry leads to fear, and usually decisions made in fear are no decisions at all! Instead those in fear lean on procrastination, delaying taking action for fear of doing the wrong thing. Procrastination leads a person to lose trust in themselves, and living without having trust in yourself is not living at all. Those who do not trust themselves hide in their comfort zones, and growth never comes from our comfort zones.

Your creator wants you to act, not think! You must accept that the only thing guaranteed in life is uncertainty, and once you embrace the fact of uncertainty then you don’t mind making decisions and taking action. The more certainty you seek the less emotional stability you will have, and the less you look for certainty the happier you will be. Embrace uncertainty, trust Hashem, and demonstrate that trust through action and blessings will flow into your life.

The Torah instructs any man about to go to war who fears battle to turn around and go home. Why? Because whatever we are fearing we are attracting! If a soldier is afraid of dying on the battlefield, he will meet his end in this exact way. Talk about self-sabotage! A person who is afraid makes mistakes, but a person who trusts Hashem is blessed with divine protection. Your job is to go from fear to trust, to view life as a challenge rather than a threat. Once you believe your life is a challenge, you recognize your creator in all things. Every decision you make is based on your beliefs, so ask yourself: do I believe my life is a challenge or a threat?

Throughout my life I have always been resilient, bouncing back quickly any time I have stumbled and fallen. How have I done this? By not waiting to act! The Yodh Harah is the voice in your head telling you to wait - do not listen! Humility allows us to rise quickly from a fall and continue to take chances, it is an arrogant man who will fear falling again and avoid taking chances. If we fear Hashem nothing can affect us, but if we let our fears fall from Hashem to something else our judgment no longer comes from Hashem and we are left beholden to chance.

Trust is an all or nothing proposition - you cannot have some trust and some fear, you are either trusting Hashem or fearing something else. Anxiety and worry breeds fear in our lives, so these thought patterns must be interrupted if you are to break the cycle and eliminate fallen fears in your life. Meditation and prayers asking for help with trusting Hashem and diminishing your anxieties will help restore your spiritual fitness and connection to your creator. Remember: trust Hashem, take action, and the blessings will come!

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