How to Attract Wealth and Parnassa

People these days are looking high and low for tips on how to attain wealth and parnassa, signing up for every class and conference they can find. They forget the most important and instructive place to look - the Torah! The Torah spells out in black and white exactly what we must do in order to attract parnassa and blessings in our lives. Let’s look at some of the things the Torah tells us about attracting wealth and blessings.

One thing you have to understand about money is that money is a test. If you can’t accept this fact and incorporate it into your beliefs, you will have many things in your life which will not make sense to you and will lessen your ability to trust Hashem. Why is money a test? Because in order to receive these blessings successfully we must demonstrate we have emunah. Hashem tests us in many ways to see if we will conduct our business and use our earnings in a proper manner.

Each day has its own challenges and lessons which you must learn. When you allow the struggles of yesterday to bleed into today, you invite frustration and depression into your mind. This sort of suffering comes from a lack of da’at, so you must sharpen your mind and improve your outlook on the present. Opportunities come to us all day long, but if you are in a bad mood or negative mindset you will miss out on them.

Rabbi Nachman says the greater the da’at the easier it is for a person to earn a living. Effortless livelihood is dependent on a person’s da’at. God wants you to have a relationship with him and trust him, and it is this daily affirmation and renewal of the relationship with God which enables the blessings to flow. Parnassa is not meant to be given in bulk, each day you must awaken and pray to God, welcoming the day and reaffirming your trust and relationship with Hashem.

Gratitude is key to attracting blessings as well, so we must focus on the blessings we have in life rather than what we are lacking. Whatever a person is missing in life he will see all around him in the lives of others. If he allows himself to grow envious of them, this is a form of stealing and will surely block the pipeline which is meant to deliver his blessings. You need to stay in your own lane, never questioning why others have something you do not! Focus on what you have and you will attract gratitude, and that gratitude will attract more blessings to your life.

Emunah is also crucial if we are to receive blessings. A person with emunah is able to live in the present and focus on the challenges and opportunities they are blessed with on that day. A person lacking in emunah will have anxiety and depression, and these block the pipeline that brings the blessings. The blessings are always there, they just get stuck when we block the pipeline! In order for blessings to come down to us, they must first pass through emunah.

How can you unblock your pipeline so the blessings can flow to you? Charity is a great way to unblock your pipes, despite how counterintuitive this may seem. If you are running out of money, give to charity! You may find it difficult to accept this as your best course of action, but by giving to charity you are demonstrating emunah and trust in Hashem.

Anger will always prevent you from receiving parnassa. Remember, one fight chases away 100 parnassas! People fight when they are angry, and anger stems from frustration and a lack of gratitude. When we are preoccupied with our financial condition and our pursuits, we are unable to achieve the state of contemplation required for God to rest upon us and deliver the blessings we desire. Rabbi Nachman instructs us to fight these feelings and force ourselves to be happy.

You need a strong spiritual connection in order to receive guidance from Hashem and make good decisions. This connection must be renewed every morning when you awaken, so if you are struggling in life, wake up an hour earlier and dedicate that time to prayer and connecting with Hashem.

Another key to financial success and wealth is the ability to extend your day. If you are unable to control your emotions you will find your days are short, and you are limited in your ability to act and capitalize on opportunities. Wake up early to pray, and you will expand your day and achieve that state of contemplation which connects you to Hashem. The best attitude to have in order to extend your day is that each day is a new beginning, and you should draw vitality from the renewal of the day.

Rabbi Nachman teaches us the only way we can bring an object closer to us is through trust. Money is always coming, but it cannot be contained without a vessel. We build the vessel to hold our blessings through trust in Hashem. So, if you are seeking financial success, don’t focus on the money, focus on trust! When a person has trust in God, bounty comes to him at exactly the right time. Trust gives us vision in life as well. The more trust a person has, the greater his perspective and ability to see the opportunities in his life.

This new generation of young adults has a big problem - sexual impurity. If a man does not keep his sexual purity, he is blocked from receiving blessings. You blemish your sexual purity when you go with the wrong type of girls, spilling your seed. When we waste bread (seed) we become poor. Remember, blessings come from your wife not your girlfriend! Sexual impurity creates a hole in your pocket, you can pursue wealth all you like but it will leave you as quickly as it arrives.

People with a sexual purity problem tend to lack control over their emotions as well. They are quick to anger and frustration as they are stymied in their pursuit of wealth and parnassa. Why are they so frustrated? Because they are doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result! How could that possibly work? If you want something you’ve never had before you have to do something you’ve never done before. True wealth is not about the money, it is about the quality of your life. There are plenty of people in this world who have tons of money but they are still miserable.

We have to think big as well and avoid putting limitations on Hashem and our potential blessings. If you pray only to be able to pay your light bill, thats all the blessings you’re going to get! You’ve limited yourself and left so much wealth on the table by focusing on one specific need. You must avoid getting hung up on one business or pursuit in life as well. Blessings can come from anywhere, so do not limit yourself to one source of wealth and parnassa.

Our speech is a powerful influence in our lives as well, so you must be careful what you speak. If you speak about a lack of business or your lacking a vessel, this will manifest and become your reality. Your speech comes from your beliefs - if you believe it is difficult to make money, you will think it, speak it, and your habits will reflect your belief and suddenly it is difficult for you to make money!

Remember, parnassa is a test. Just before a person is going to be blessed with wealth, he will be tested with anger. Whatever you do, do not let that anger control you and your decisions as this will cause you to miss out on the blessing. Stop questioning the test or trying to avoid it, just take the test and win! Tests are meant to be taken and challenges are there for you to overcome and learn, so stop thinking and start doing.

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