The Power of Resilience

By Gedale Fenster

Transcribed by Devora Shifrin

Shortly after leaving Egypt, the Jews found themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. With the red sea before them and the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, they were trapped with no direction to turn. God instructed the people to continue their journey to Sinai, yet they saw no way to reach their destination. A man named Nachshon ben Aminadav, bravely jumped into the water without hesitation; and with this act of faith, initiated the miracle which split the red sea.

Each person faces a ‘red sea’ in their life, confronting situations which appear to have no hope. These obstacles, the circumstances that make us want to give up, are the times that we need to remain focused on our mission and plow forward toward our goals. It is precisely in these moments of chaos and darkness that we have the opportunity to build a vessel for the light to shine through.

Resilience is the quality which enables us to get back up after being knocked down. It’s the ability to take the plunge in the areas that frighten us, and most importantly, to have faith when all seems lost. Resilience comes when we take control of our thoughts and break patterns that don’t serve us. It is to adjust our mindset to transform our habits and behaviors; and to recognize that when we change the meaning that we give to a situation, we can change its results.

Each person is a microcosm of the world itself, which is governed by laws which dictate that darkness will come before light, and chaos before harmony. Yet if we smile in the face of these obstacles which threaten to throw us off-course, and appreciate the darkness, a new day can truly begin.

This same pattern present itself when a person advances in their personal or professional growth. Before rising to the next level, there will be obstacles that will cause a person to fall. These obstacles are simply there to test our motivation and willpower. Every time we fall, we are preparing the vessel that we need to advance further.

It is in situations of darkness that we must trust that God will help us to persevere. We must take the first step of fearlessly facing our challenges. Nachshon acted upon his faith even though there was no logical way out of the situation, and only then did God split the sea. We too must do our part to overcome, to ask God to split our ‘personal red sea’ and to know that regardless of what situation we are in, and no matter how many times we fall, He will be there to help us rise again.

About Gedale Fenster

Gedale Fenster, a Miami-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is the founder and CEO of the People’s Insurance Claim Center and Evolutions Treatment Center. He has also established the Breslov Center, where he teaches. He hosts a series of daily and weekly online lectures at

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